Comfort. Effortless. Simplicity.  Ease. Function. Relaxed Luxury.  Sentimental Items.  A good book, a favorite comfy chair, fresh cut flowers in an heirloom vase and time with loved ones... I believe it's in the details, however unexpected or quirky they may be these are the things that define our homes and make them our own.  A home that reflects you, a not so perfect home, but your home, and that is what I aim to create.

I wake up excited and ready to start the day (possibly except for mondays).  Typically my mind is reeling with new ideas and inspiration.  Most of all I love getting in on the action.  I'm never afraid to pick up a hammer or a nail gun and help get the job done.  I hope you like what you see here and enjoy the inspiration.


PHONE: 573.268.559


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  1. Hi Alissa, I've been enjoying checking out your blog, and just wanted to take a moment to say hello! I also wanted to thank you for having me in your blogroll!!