Bathroom One (sleek and classic)

Three similar bathrooms, three different makeovers!
Bathroom 1 before renovation.  Old black and white linoleum floor was yellowing.
The shower stall was boring and the mirror was just your basic, large, builders grade mirror. 

The walls have been painted a light gray creating a light, clean, luxurious feeling bathroom. The mirror was framed out and crown molding was added at the top. This creates a more finished look.
Bathroom accessories like the towel bars, light, and toilet paper holder were replaced with brand new chrome ones.
At the sink you can see the architectural molding added to the mirror.  The cabinets, countertop, and bathroom fixtures were in good condition so we were able to save money.

Forever gone is the yellow linoleum.
In its place is a gorgeous, classic, white, octagon mosaic floor tile.
Glass mosaic and white subway tile was installed above the shower.   Adding tile in this area is functional,  where water splatters, and beautiful.  An easy and inexpensive way to add character to an otherwise boring shower stall.

New floor tile.  Decorative wallpaper applied behind storage cabinet.  Mirror Trim

Bathroom Two (earthy and cozy)

Bathroom 2 before renovation.  Slightly larger than bathroom one, but still has the boring
shower stall, builders grade mirror install, linoleum flooring and very dated bathroom accessories.  

This bathroom was the most dramatic makeover of all three bathrooms.  Tile was installed on two of the four walls.  We used a subway sized travertine, blue glass mosaic and a pearl glass mosaic.  

Tile above the shower.  

Tile Behind the toilet changes direction. This way we were able to incorporate more of the beautiful glass tiles.  In addition, laying tile in a vertical orientation will visually extend the height of your ceilings.

Bathroom Three (Contemporary Rustic)

Slate tile incorporated with purple and green glass tile. Also renovated was the floor.  Out with the yellow, peeling linoleum. A neutral ceramic tile was installed on the floor. A very timeless option. 

A close up of the tile. 

A very dated small bathroom becomes a fantastic master en suite.  This bathroom was not working for the homeowners. There was no storage, a fantastically gigantic ugly mirror that took up most of the wall, peeling vinyl flooring and a crusty moldy corner shower that barely fit one leg.  But, the sweat and time was worth it because in the end it was like a bathroom from a rustic mountain cabin.  

Hawaii anyone?  Hawaii sounds like an amazing place to visit, but doesn't quit fit with the style of this house.  Nor was it the bathroom that our client wanted.  

During construction this entire bathroom was gutted down to the studs.  

Pictured here is the new sink and custom built vanity.  Below the sink bath towels can be stored.  The mirror has yet to be installed.  

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