Spruce is our merchandise line of rescued, recycled and reinvented pieces.  From refinishing old pieces to reupholstery and reinventing the use of old pieces you can find an array of items that will compliment your home decor.  Looking for that perfect piece?  Ask us, we will hunt down the good deal, revamp the piece to your precise liking and deliver it to its new home!

Past Spruce Pieces
Silver Trays found at a flea market: Painted with chalkboard paint

Garage Sale Table turned into bright sunroom table

Store Bought Storage Ottoman: New Upholstery to Jazz it Up!
$1 Frame, Painted and Distressed for Vanity Mirror

I have been helping my mother remodel/redecorate her house.  Fifteen years later, her house is overdue for a makeover.  It needs updating and the first place we started was her All Season Room.  It's still a work in progress, but I had to share the table we revamped.  A great project that shows how easy and inexpensive it is to Recycle objects.  The table was purchased at a garage sale for $45.  We took it from drab to fab in one day!

I LOVE spray paint... I'll say it again I LOVE SPRAY PAINT!  Spray paint can make anything look 100 times better.  A few cans of spray paint, spray on polyurethane, a little time and patience and you have an awesome NEW table!

A Few Tips:
1.To save your hand get an attachment that makes it easier to use spray cans.  They can be purchased at your local hardware store and are reusable.
Hand Saver
2.  Be sure to prime your project...it helps your topcoat cover better, thus using less paint.  I used grey primer because it's easier to cover when using darker top coats.  Consider a white primer for mid tone or light colors.

3. I used a clear, spray on polyurethane.  It took multiple coats to get the finish and protection I wanted.
Note: Polyurethane can tint things yellow therefore, if you are using a lighter color for example, mid tones like beige or cream, consider using a wax to seal your project.

Before...the finish was very uneven and the color was really orange.
After... A great pop of color and a more modern finish to a traditional style piece!

Stay tuned for the room reveal.  The All Season Room, which used to be an office, is now a wonderful oasis.  It includes extra seating for entertaining, a mini bar and a great reading spot!

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