Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breathe New Life Into a Bland, Builders Box Bathroom

Have you ever come across a builders grade bathroom that you liked?  The use of cheap cabinetry, ugly fiberglass showers, and that fake marble countertop really makes me cringe.  You're lucky if you have tile floors, most are vinyl!  So what do you do to upgrade?  You could completely start from scratch.  Guy the bathroom and start over.  However, most of us don't have the professional skills to move plumbing, nor do we have the time or money to do a total makeover.  Let's face it hiring a contractor is not cheap and how do you know that the job will be done right?  I say DIY!  Basic tiling skills, some fresh paint, and new fixtures can bring a less than par bathroom out of the ugly builders era and into a stylish, updated look.

One of my clients has serval of these bathrooms that desperately need to be updated, but not break the bank.  

Creative Brief:

1. A fresh coat of paint
2. Tile around the shower to give it a custom look.
3. Tile backsplash- Brings attention away from outdated countertop that is not being replaced.
4. Updated fixtures- Change out the lighting and bathroom accessories.
5. Frame out mirror- You could replace the mirror, but you might damage the wall and framing it out allows you to add some architectural details.  Here are a few ideas I came across while researching ideas to update the bathroom.

Free Hanging, Modern framed mirror.

Existing mirror has been framed in place.
Allows you to work with what you have and you don't have to worry about seven years of bad luck!
 In addition, the trim and molding add architectural detail to the room in an inexpensive way.

This is also an option, with an art deco or hollywood glam style.
 A classic frame placed on top of the existing mirror.   

6. Tile floor- Last step insures the tile and grout have the right amount of time to cure and the project remains on schedule.
7. Find Multifunctional Small space solutions.
8. Purchase new towels and accessories- Easiest and most inexpensive way to breath new life.

Bathroom Accessories:  Collection Found at Home Depot

With the tile and layout all finalized it was time to start the process. Since we weren't doing a complete remodel, just a redesign, there wasn't any demolition to be done at this point.  Just clearing out the space and removing any hardware so that we could tile.

Check back for bathroom updates and the BIG reveal!  It will definitely look fabulous when we are done!

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