Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Well Needed Vacay to Florida

Wish we were in Florida now.  These temperatures are in the single digits and are making my bones rattle from the cold!  If we can't be there, I can at least look at some pictures and warm up by visualizing!

I used to think that going on a trip over any holiday was something I would never do, but "never say never".  That's just what I did, went on vacation over the Thanks Giving Holiday.

My husband and I were invited, by some great friends, to join them for a week long holiday in sunny Florida, Sarasota Florida to be exact.  You can understand that we were so excited to escape the winter weather that the mid-west usually endures during the winter.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as hot and sunny as we would have liked, they were having some unusual weather for that time of year.  However, it was warmer than home and a well needed break before the chaos of building a home began.

We had a great time with good friends, sharing fun stories, good food and wine, and making memories.


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  1. Ahhh take me back! Miss you guys and it looks like the house is coming right along....can't wait to see the final product...in person!

  2. Yes I know I want to go back too, especially with winter wearing out its welcome! So excited for you all to see it too! Can't wait:)