Monday, July 9, 2012


My husband and I just finished this bench for our bedroom.  I saw a post on Pinterest that inspired me to design a bench for the end of our bed.

I have been wanting a bench or chest of some sort to add to our master bedroom.  It turned out AMAZINGLY and was crafted out of old oak we reclaimed from my husbands family farm.  So PROUD!

Bench Frame...almost done!
Wooden Dowel Detail.  My husband is an AWESOME furniture builder!                                          
Ready to upholster!  Just cut plywood to the size of your bench.  Materials you will need: 3" or more foam, 1" batting, and upholstery fabric of your liking, a staple gun (I recommend electric or pneumatic to save your hands), screw driver for any staples that don't seat right and need to be removed and spray adhesive.  I used a canvas drop cloth that was bought at the hardware store.  Holds up well, is inexpensive and easy to replace.  Start by spraying your plywood and the foam.  Place foam on ply wood and press evenly all over to ensure adhesion.  The staple on batting.  Next is your material.  Start on one side in the center and work your way to the ends.  So this on each side and save the corners for last.  Be sure to pull tight and evenly all over.
At the end of the bed.
Close up!
Enjoy your DIY projects!  Until next time...

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