Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Mans Trash is Another Woman's Treasure!

Yesterday, Tuesday July 10th, I went to a local auction that has great thrift finds.  I spent $51 and bought several items, three of which are upholstered side chairs that just need some TLC!

FREE...Dumpster Diving!
Metal Horses...$4 ea.
Freezer Baskets (3)...$6 for all
Wooden Rocking Horse...$10
Sewing basket (I wanted the contents)...$3
Metal Platters...$3 for the pair
Empty Wooden Frames...$6 for all
Picnic Basket...$4
These finds are so exciting and now I can see why this could become an addiction... Great Finds, Good Times and it allows your imagination to flow!

This was my first time to an auction, but it's really easy. So, here are a few tips for first time auction goers...

Ground rules:

*Know your budget.   

*Get there early to scope out the items and your fellow auction goers.

*Have in mind your maximum bid you will have for each item.

*This is an auction, items come and go and like the fish in the sea, there are more where they came from.  If you loose an item this time know that you will probably see it again or something similar.  

*If you do loose an item and really have to have it, usually the winner will sell it to you right at auction, know that they will price it higher than what they paid.


Tips when bidding:

1. Never take the first bid thrown out by the auctioneer...(this is important because they will start higher than they really want so wait until they bring the beginning bid down)

2. Know your fellow auction goers.  This doesn't mean you have to know them all individually or their name, but it does mean be observant.  

3. Grouped items auction- Grouped items auction will auction off a group of items that may be three chairs or matching pictures or they may have no relation because they want to speed up the auction (no one wants to be there all day).  Pay attention during these could loose an item you really wanted.

4. Open auction- Open auctions are auctions that cove almost all the items in that square, table or aisle.  These are great auctions to get stuff for a $1 or $2 even large items you thought you might pay close to $20 or $30.  For instance I got three side chairs for $9.  

I hope you find these tips helpful.  Until next time... "Live the Dream"!

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