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I some how have developed an infatuation with tables!  You might think why tables, but I will tell you there are so many options out there and depending on the use you may or may not have that perfect table.  For example, some of you may have kids, small kids, and a coffee table with square corners isn't exactly suitable for a child learning to walk.  Maybe you have removed the table from the living room completely.  But I say why not find a more kid friendly table!  Now obviously no table is kid proof but consider the shape and material and it may make your life easier and your child safer.

My infatuation started with this table.  Indestructible materials and a round shape make it kid appropriate.  I also love the industrial and rustic style combination that it displays with a metal base and wood plank top.

If I were a single lady, meaning I could style my home with any table I wanted, I would have a living room that incorporates a very hollywood chic table, like the one seen in this living room.  However, I am not single and I wish to remain married so this one will have to wait for a very special "woman cave"!  Who said men were the only ones with a "man cave"? :)

Those were a few classics.  Now to introduce the modern tables that I absolutely adore.  And don't think that just because you have an all rustic or traditional style home you can't incorporate modern. I love to mix it up...eclectic as designers call it!  Show off what you love and don't be limited by time periods or styles.  I feel it adds more interest!

Another modern design is the C-table.  I think they look a lot like a TV table, but with a lot more style!  They are designed so that they can tuck under you sofa on the end or either in front of the sofa.  The one on the left could be made at home, if you are a DIYer!  It's West Elm's Pipe Table. 

Then you have the ever so popular stump tables.  In my opinion these are very versatile. They can be used as a side table, put two or three together and make a coffee table or use it as a stool or some extra seating for guests.  Also the style can go with rustic design or modern design.  These are also a good DIY project!

Next up, the indoor/outdoor table.  Most of them are ceramic or metal and have a modern flare to it.  They are great for adding a pop of color in your living room and better yet they can be utilized all year round.  So, each season you have a "new" table :)  Re-designing with items you already have is obviously cheap and can freshen up your home!  Buy pieces that work in multiple rooms and you will be one happy designer!

The next two tables are just a few extras that I love.  They each have a very unique style and I'm not quit sure I could find a place to put them in my home...again my husband does have a say:)  But, I wanted to show them anyways.  The first one is a driftwood table base with a glass top.  Not kid friendly, but very fun and would look AMAZING in a beach home:)  (Maybe some day I will have a beach home!)

Okay, back to reality!
I am also showing the palette table, a very popular trend happening in home design.  Palettes are versatile, cheap and do have a "I found this in the garbage, what can I do with it" kind of charm.  I like what they've done with the palette table making it into a planter.  It has a built in center piece!  Once again I love double duty design:)

Last, but not least, the ultimate table I will some day have.  It's sturdy, purdy, and I can build it myself...  The farmhouse table!  It will seat multiple people, has rustic charm and is basically indestructible with kids.  Besides the wear and tear kids do will add character to it!

I can't decide which one I like best, the all wood table or the metal base table...maybe I'll make both! 

There you have it, my table crush!  What table is your favorite?  If I didn't show your style shoot me a message with a picture of a table you have fallen in love with!  I'd love to see it:)

Until next time...

P.S.  I'd love to help make your table crush a reality.  Contact me for design services!

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