Friday, May 3, 2013

We're Buying Land & Building a House!

That's right, we have taken the plunge into home building!  It's said that "If your marriage can survive building a custom home then your marriage can survive anything."  I do believe that we will be living proof of that:)

The process has begun!  We have found and the INK is DRY on 20 acres of beautiful ground 30 minutes from Columbia and about an hour from St. Louis!  Our home will sit on the edge of farmed acreage and back up to 13 acres of beautiful woods.  The land also has a creek flowing around it and a modest sized pond in the middle.  In the future, our plan is to increase the size of the pond, plant a beautiful and edible garden and settle down with our future children and two dogs.

Aerial view.  The red line indicates the property line. 

Pond Dam                     
Farmed acreage

ATV Trail

Private Drive.  The property is to the right in this picture.

Home building is a lengthy process.  The process of buying land has taken us a year.  We wanted to find a place that we could raise a family, be close to work and have a sanctuary to call home.  Next step, house plans!

Being an Interior Designer I have a well established list of what I want and what our family needs in a home.   My husband, who is a Construction Project Manager, also has his wants and needs. He has his list of priorities and I have my list.  Some things we agree on, some things we don't and some things we compromise on.  Give and take! Right? That's what marriage is all about and apparently home building too:)

Finally, after looking at several plans and picking out what we absolutely had to have, we have settled on a style we both like and preliminary house plans.  I love this part! It's so inspiring as a designer to design your own home from the ground up.  It's exciting to see our DREAMS coming true!

Here is a glimpse at the house plans thus far.  Like I said, these are preliminary plans, and in construction, plans usually and most likely will change.  In fact we have already changed where the house is going to sit...and I'm sure it will change again before we break ground.  But, isn't it EXCITING!

Main Floor Elevation
Basement Floor Plan

Front Elevation

The Adventure has just begun!  Looking forward to what the future holds.  Stay tuned for more details about our home build.

What do you think of the plans?  What's your favorite thing about it? Would you do anything different or did you do anything different when you built?  I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment!

P.S.  If you would like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

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