Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farm House Timeline

I wanted to share today the progress we have made on the house build.  A lot has been done since we began in December, I actually am quite amazed at how quickly it has gone!  

The few things that I have concluded from building a house is one, it goes a lot quicker than a remodel, probably because there is no demolition to be done or big surprises and two, this is the only house I want to build, for myself that is! Three, it's a full time job, no wonder I'm pooped!

While I am enjoying the process, I am also exhausted!  My husband more so than me, but he tells me that when it is done he will sleep for three days straight!

On to the fun stuff, pictures!  A brief picture timeline or flip book to show the progress to date.
NOTE: Lots of pictures ahead!

Acquired Land

 Architectural Plans

Final Plans

Ground Breaking

Footings and Foundation Poured 

 Structural Beams Are Set

Framing Begins

 Roof Trusses Are Set

 Geothermal is Dug and Lines are Laid in the Ground

 Roofing Begins

Windows Are Installed

 Framing Begins on the Barn/Shop

Barn/Shop Gets Sided

Finally Stairs to the Basement

Doors Are Installed: Lock it Up!

Garage Slab is Poured

Plumbing is Installed

Concret for the Front Porch is Poured and Stained

 We Have POWER!

Garage Doors: So Beautiful!

Siding the House

The Front Siding is Almost Done!

There you have it!  From beginning to present, it's been a whirlwind thus far and I have to believe the road ahead will be fun!  Any and all questions and comments are welcome :-)


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    1. Thank you Cissy Tucker! Started following you as well!