Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Placemat to Rug: DIY Rug

The other day I was at a local store just walking and window shopping.  I like to go to see what's on clearance.  Yep, that's how I shop, sale and clearance only!  This is one of my best tips to design and decorate on a budget.  (More about that later)  As I was saying I was window shopping like I always do and came across some placemats in the clearance bay.  I already have plenty of placemats, but the color and texture were similar to what I was looking for in a rug for our master bedroom.  I want two rugs, runner size to flank each side of the bed.

When I first saw the placemats I just thought that they looked nice and I wish I could find a rug like that and then I thought why not make a rug! So, I snatched up my $2.00 each placemats, 10 for a total of $20.00.  Then I headed to the sewing store for a new needle and thread.  Yep, I sewed the placemats together to make a rug.


Mustard Yellow is the color.  I think it looks a lot like burlap or jute rugs.

Close-up of the seem. 
What I am calling the backside, but might become the front side.  A woman loves options! 

To sew the placemats together I simply used an overcast stitch and overcast presser foot.  From my limited sewing knowledge I can tell you, you probably don't need to have an overcast presser foot, but it might make it easier.  I chose a gray polyester thread for contrast as well as durability.  In able to provide more durability and ensure that the seam does not separate, I double stitched it or stitched it twice.  

I figure that if you aren't a rehearsed sewer (by no means do you have to be professional, but it does take basic skills) or if you don't have a sewing machine you can still achieve this project by using carpet tape and taping the placemats together on the back side.

I'm not sure which side I will use, but I like that I have options.  When I introduced this project to my mom she was impressed with the creativeness, but concerned that the material might not hold up to wear and tear.  The way I see it, it was a $10 rug.  If it even last a year it will be well worth it!  Also, my plan is to use it on our bedroom, which will limit the amount of traffic on it.  

Good luck with your project.  Any questions just ask!

P.S.  I have another DIY rug project up my sleeve, so hang around and it will be up soon!


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