Friday, November 22, 2013

Farm House Friday: Finished Floor Plans

It's Official!  Ground breaking will be in December, YEAH!  A few months sooner than expected and we couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present.  We don't have an exact date yet, that will depend on the availability of digging equipment (or I think its called a high lift?), but we know that it will be in December and I will definitely be there to take pictures.  The plans have evolved and I just wanted to share what we have.

Since my last post on our new adventure we have fine tuned the house plans.  And may I say, they are coming along very nicely!  Our architect is Awesome!  He continually shoots us texts and emails with new ideas and revisions to things we wanted to change.

Text Message Sketch
We went forth without a pantry in an effort to accommodate a large mudroom and walk-in Closet for the Master Bedroom.  You might say, no walk-in pantry?  But, my experience is that they can get really cluttered and unorganized so we opted for large pantry cabinets in the kitchen.

In addition to the large mudroom we added a covered porch.  This space will be enjoyed all year round and when we install a fireplace it will be a see through fireplace.  I say "when" we install a fireplace because due to budget constraints and other "needs" we have opted to wait on the fireplace.  This often happens when building, unless your budget is infinite, you have to make compromises and plan for future "wants".  Therefore, we will plan for the fireplace, but not actually install it.

Other changes: the stairs have been flip-flopped, the gathering space has been extended, and the master bedroom and bathroom have been tweaked to maximize the view of the backyard from the bed.

Main Floor (Finished Plans)
In the Basement we switched the location of the mechanical room with the studio/laundry room.  I don't mind because now I have a larger studio!  This was also necessary for our geothermal heat/cool system that will be installed.  More on that later, but let me say, it is an amazing system that saves money on heating and cooling a home.

Basement (Finished Plans)

Like most house builds and remodels, there will likely be more changes, but the walls are set and the appraisal is done so the changes will mostly be cosmetic.  My husband hates that I even talk about changes, but hey it's my prerogative.  I'm a woman!  (It probably doesn't help that I am on Pinterest and Houzz all the time:)

This Farm House is coming together!  Happy Friday!

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