Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wheat Belly: Days 11 + 12 + 13

I woke up this morning, like most mornings, thinking about food.  Yep, I'm one of those, a foodie! You know people who love food, people who love trying new things, cooking new things and always look forward to the next new food or even just the next meal.  Food makes me excited!  However, I haven't always been this way.

When I was younger it was straight chicken fingers and ketchup for this girl.  Sometimes even frozen chicken nuggets if my mom was cooking. Yuck, I know!  It wasn't that my mother was a bad cook, she is a great cook, but it took so long for the chicken nuggets to cool off when she cooked them that my twin sister and I would just eat them frozen.  

Anyway,  back to the foodie thing and why we could all be foodies if we wanted to, even our children.  I have a theory about why children eat only things like chicken nuggets, french fries, candy and the list goes on and on, it's because they aren't given real food.  As adults I believe we dumb down children or think that they are young they don't know as much, they couldn't possibly appreciate a good steak or steamed vegetables, when in reality they can.  Feed it to them!  It might take a couple tries for them to like it, and yes there will be certain things they can't palette, but start young, make them try everything and don't start feeding them processed foods and candy.  This is the key to non-picky eaters and children who will eat what you cook.

So you might say, "What does she know? She doesn't have children of her own."  No, I don't, but I have been a Nanny for nearly 5 years and been in charge of feeding multiple children breakfast and lunch.  From the outside looking in, and it's easier to look in because you are removed more than the parents, children will eat what you give them.  Start this practice early and they will continue to be good eaters.  But, give them processed food and candy and they will become addicted.  

Which lead me to Wheat Belly, not only is it wheat and gluten free, but it is also living a lifestyle free of processed foods.  This is proving to be a great benefit in my life. Like I've said before I have much more energy, and overall I feel really well, but the best part is I've lost weight.  I knew this might happen when I started this challenge, but as some of you might, I was holding my breath.  However, I have successfully lost 4 pounds in less than two weeks.  Yep, I weighed in this morning because my husband commented that I look like I had lost some weight.  (Ahh, thanks honey! He knows I've been trying to lose weight for a while.)  Four pounds by just changing my diet habits, minimal exercise, just walking and taking the stairs.  The biggest change was cutting out processed foods.

I've been chugging along on the recipes in the Wheat Belly Cookbook, still no complaints and fully satisfied!  Last night we did hear away and had a family favorite, Tacos, still gluten/wheat free and still delicious.  Tonight I'd say is a soup kind of night or maybe chili!?

P.S. For those who are looking for more inspiration and information about "real food", pop on over to  She's got a great blog about cutting out processed foods in your families diet and more.

Happy Eating!


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