Friday, November 8, 2013

Wheat Belly: Day 3 + 4 + 5

Day 3:  Tuesday

Eating was a bit more of a challenge today. I didn't have left overs to take to work and have yet to get the time to clean the pantry and stock up on healthy gluten/wheat free snacks and ingredients.  Work poses the most threat to this challenge.   Like a lot of people, the temptations at work are hard to ignore, but I did it.  I chose canned tuna.  With a little mustard, mayo and dill relish mixed in, tuna salad was on the menu for lunch.  This is a quick and easy way to eat wheat/gluten free and feel satisfied.  Be sure that your added ingredients remain gluten/wheat free.  Some condiments have flour or wheat/gluten based additives to thicken them or extend shelf life.

Tonights dinner is another recipe from Wheat Belly, Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice.  I am so looking forward to this and it's a great day for it with the cold and rain!

Day 4:  Wednesday

My oh my the soup was wonderful!  I now have my entire family eating it and they love it.  Honestly, I can't make enough.  We all want leftovers for lunch the next day, but so far there hasn't been enough, oh the predicament!  It used to be that every now and then leftovers would sit in the refrigerator and eventually be pushed down the drain to the garbage disposal.  Not anymore!  We will see what tonights dinner brings.  On the Menu...Meatloaf and green beans.

Also, I have planned out the menu for the rest of the week.   So tonight is meatloaf, Thursday night is Turkey and Brie Sandwiches, fresh garden salad with home made lemon oil garlic dressing, our favorite.  I'm a little iffy about this meal. I haven't eaten too much brie, so we will see.  Oh did I tell you, this lifestyle will make you feel adventurous.  Trying new things, cooking, using new tools in the kitchen...I love it!  One tip I will tell you: invest in a good food processor.  You will use it all the time and don't be cheap get a large one you won't be disappointed.

Finally, Friday, the day of days, the last day of the long week, the best day ever because Saturday comes next, therefore, it's only fitting that we have an awesome cold weather recipe and comfort food, Grilled Cheese and Creamy Tomato Soup!  I never thought that this would be considered a healthy lifestyle meal, but I will gobble it up!

Day 5:  Thursday

WOW!  That's all I can say and did say last night at dinner.  Turkey and Brie sandwiches with tomato are my new favorite! I didn't want to use a whole turkey because I thought it would be too much, so I purchased a fresh turkey breast from my local grocer and roasted it in the oven at 200○F for about 8 hours.  One mistake I made, probably not enough moisture surrounding the turkey.  So, use a big enough pan to fit the turkey in, but not too big that moisture, water or chicken broth, can't cover the turkey on all four sides. Take the turkey out so it has time to cool off.  You could cool it in the refrigerator, but if you are like me, let it cool to just room temperature for a warm home made sandwich.  I like warm sandwiches, mmmm:)

I haven't even gotten to the best part of this recipe...the bread!  I know I can't believe it either.  A lifestyle that allows you to eat bread. What did you say?  Bread?  How do you make bread without wheat?  Well, purchase Wheat Belly and find out!  You won't be disappointed!  I made home made, wheat/gluten free focaccia bread.   This bread is so good even my grandmother who loves her bread and pastries couldn't get enough of it.  She asked me when I would be making more.  Looks like I have a trip to the grocer in my near future:)  But that's fine. I love that my family is eating healthy and loving it!  Best part yet, there were just enough left overs for the cook to take to work for lunch.  That's me:)

Take a look at this, but I caution you, this image could cause extreme salivation!

Since we are scrounging and fighting over leftovers, my plan is to triple the recipe for Creamy Tomato Soup.

That's all for these three days, but stay tuned for my post on Grilled Cheese and Creamy Tomato Soup!

Happy Eating and Happy Friday!

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