Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wheat Belly: Week 3

I have decided to post weekly about my Wheat Belly challenge.

To start off, it was difficult sticking to my challenge.  I went to visit friends and that meant eating out and eating what someone else cooked.  I was dreading going out to dinner because gluten free eating is difficult at restaurants.  Much to my surprise, the restaurant my friends took me to was amazing!  This restaurant has put a modern twist on the traditional dinner.  Mainly hamburgers, but gourmet hamburgers with a gluten free bun option.  A really easy restaurant for gluten/wheat free diners.   Another awesome feature of the restaurant is that all the food was locally grown, therefore no preservatives!  So, if you ever venture to St. Louis eat at Bailey's Range.  You won't be disappointed!

This week is going well, but I am experiencing some withdrawal symptoms, headache most of all.  Another withdrawal that's pretty prevalent, cravings, cravings for processed foods, cravings for easy grab and go snacks like pretzels.  However, I have resisted the urge and fixed myself much healthier and gluten/wheat free snacks.

One of my favorites, which is really easy, is fresh vegetables and Greek yogurt ranch dip.  I typically buy a large bag of fresh veggies at Sam's Club.  The bag has broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  Simply dip your veggies in your ranch dip and you have a yummy snack!

The ranch dip is easy.  I buy the Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Packets at the store, you can also make your own seasoning, I choose to buy it sometimes because its quicker.  Simply follow the directions on the back of the packet.  To make it healthier and add some protein to my snack I use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.  It's really good, you should try it!

Additional recipes we tried this week: scones, crepes, fajitas.  I love scones and these were no exception!  The crepes were delicious as well. It took a while to get the technique down on how to make them because it differed from traditional crepes with gluten and wheat, however, once the technique was mastered I was flipping like hot cakes!  With the crepes we had a ricotta, lemon zest filling with strawberries on top.  We also tried a new breakfast sausage, straight from a local farm, no added ingredients or preservatives and gluten free.  Delicious!

Next week will definitely be the most challenging week thus far, we are going to Florida for the week.  My goal is to cook a totally gluten/wheat free Thanks Giving for my husband and our friends in Florida.  I am taking my cookbook with me and will meal plan on the plane.  Wish me luck, and look for the wonderful gluten free meal I put together.  Looking forward to this challenge!

Is your mouth watering?

Happy Eating! 


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